Why "Corte Tiepolo" ?

The main building faces the Grand Canal, the most amazing water street of the world, in an aerea that had a remarkable architectural and urban development since the XIV century Gothic period and is distinguished by many important examples of both religious (Frari’s Church, “Calegheri” School, S. Tomà and S. Polo Churches) and civil architecture (Palazzo Tiepolo and Palazzo Pisani Moretta).

You will enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Venice and the genuine venetian ospitality. Corte Tiepolo offers some of the best flats in Venice, in the real heart of the city.

Palazzo Tiepolo was built in XVI century and it belongs to Passi family, whose origins goes back to the 10th century. The palace, built in the 16th century, is located on the Grand Canal between the Rialto Bridge and San Marco Square. It is on the right hand of Palazzo Pisani Moretta, and is near to the public boat stop of San Tomà.

Traces of frescos painted by Andrea Meldolla, called Schiavone, of the Parmigianino's school, remain on the façade. This kind of paintings preferred heated colors to depict rural and hunting scenes, with some recalls of Giorgione's spirit, with abundance of light and shade. It's one of the few palazzi on the Canal Grande that were painted with frescoes, although nowadays only some vestige remains.
The ceilings of the hall still shows, well preserved, valuable stuccoes portraying mythological scenes. The building belonged to Tiepolo family, a noble family who owned vast territories between Oderzo and Treviso. At the ground floor of the palace, embellished by Guardi ornaments, an active trading was practiced at the time of Serenissima Republic of Venice, to which gave several Dogi.

Close to the building you will find a public Gondola service going back and forth across the Gran Canal between San Tomà and San Samuele (near Palazzo Grassi). Water taxis can drop you off right in front of the main entrance of the at the Tiepolo building on the Grand Canal. Even though it is situated in the historical centre of Venice, you can reach both the bus or car terminal (Piazzale Roma) and the railway station quickly by boat or on foot.